Terms & Conditions


Prices for delivery & installation are available on specific hardware & software price lists.    

Delivery & Installation Procedure

Standard Bronze Delivery
Pplot will ship the hardware via a suitable courier. The hardware will be delivered (normally on a pallet) to the customers ground floor building ONLY. The courier will NOT unpack the goods or help lift them. If the items are refused then a re-delivery charge will apply.

Silver Hardware Installation
The customer will receive the goods as per Standard Delivery. Pplot will arrange to be on site normally the same day in order to assist with the unpacking and set up of the equipment.   The Install engineer will need your assistance to unpack the hardware and lift any items that are listed as a 2 man lift installation. The hardware will be connected to 1 x PC & basic user training given, i.e. paper & ink loading & a test print will be produced.

Gold Hand delivery, placement & installation
Pplot will hand deliver the hardware & place within the users office via a 2 man crew. A 
pre-inspection or remote site survey may be required.   Pplot will then install the hardware either to 1 x PC or a network connection (please see terms) & give user training with various test prints being produced. Pplot will install specific software drivers & utilities as required & give a basic overview to the user. Pplot will remove any packaging from customer site.

Customer Responsibilities

  1. Customer to ensure that arrangements have been made for the delivery of the hardware.
  2. For Silver Hardware Installation - Customer to arrange with Pplot on equipment  pre arrival to ensure enginner is allocated.
  3. Customers to ensure suitable access to the premises, to ensure enough space for unloading, access into the building, access into specific rooms within the building.
  4. Customers to ensure suitable space is available for the location of the hardware & suitable power points within reasonable distance are available.
  5. Customers to ensure suitable network / interface cables are available & suitable network / interface access points are available i.e. free space on hub
  6. Customers to ensure suitable computer's are available & configured correctly.
  7. Customers to ensure all needed passwords & access to computer's are available
  8. Customers to ensure staff are available to answer any specific network / computer questions that may be specific to customers current IT setup.
  9. Customers to ensure suitable media is available for testing / printing.
  10. Customers to ensure ALL data is backed up BEFORE installation.



Prices for software delivery, installation & training are available on specific price lists.    

Pplot Responsibilities

  1. Pplot will deliver & install the software, configure the software to the manufacturers specification & give user training.
  2. Pplot will install current media profiles for specific printers & configure the output settings.
  3. Pplot will install & configure various output queues, spoolers, network paths as required / ordered by the customer.

Customer Responsibilities

  1. Customer to ensure suitable PC is available that meets the software manufacturers specification.
  2. Customer to ensure the PC software is up to date & free from any defects / virus or additional software that could impede the installation process
  3. Customer to ensure PC has a working network connection (if required)
  4. Customer to ensure that the PC has free interface's (USB) that may be required to be used for software hard lock (dongle) devices.
  5. Customer to ensure that all required passwords & access rights to the PC are available.
  6. Customer to ensure staff are available to answer any specific network / computer questions that may be specific to customers current IT set-up.
  7. Customer to ensure any specific network software is available if required, e.g. Mac LAN for Mac os9 to P.C
  8. Customers to ensure ALL data is backed up BEFORE installation.

Areas / Responsibilities NOT covered by Pplot

  1. Pplot will not be responsible for any third party hardware or software that is found to be defective or unsuitable that impedes the installation process.
  2. Pplot will not undertake any work's that involve general PC or network repairs or maintenance or any works outside those related to the installation of goods supplied by Pplot.
  3. Pplot will not supply (unless specifically informed before installation) any interface or network cables that are not generally supplied with hardware supplied by Pplot.
  4. Pplot will not be responsible for any building modifications that may be needed for access for the delivery of hardware or cable runs.
  5. Pplot will only supply & set-up items supplied by Pplot, all other items are the responsibility of the customer who must ensure any items required for the installation are available, working & accessible.
  6. Pplot will not be responsible for any loss of data or hardware failure, all items & services supplied as per Pplot Standard Terms of Sale / Warranty

Terms & conditions.

If it is not possible to complete the installation due to customer error or any of the above terms not being met then Pplot reserve the right to charge for any additional time that may be required to complete the installation.    

Please contact Pplot customer services on 02920 474 010 if you need any help or advice with regard to your installation. 

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